Allendale Eliminates SMS From WEAA Tourney

On Wednesday, January 3rd, the 8-seed Allendale Yellow Jackets took on the 9-seed St. Mary's Rockets at Cisne in the WEAA Conference Tournament.  After one quarter, St. Mary's led the Yellow Jackets 7-5.  At halftime, Allendale was leading the Rockets 17-9.  After three quarters, the Yellow Jackets expanded their lead to 31-21.  This led to a final score of 39-25, with Allendale defeating St. Mary's and moving on in WEAA Conference Tournament play.  

Scoring for the Yellow Jackets were:  JD Bowser with 11 points, Owen Gher with 11 points, Bryce Lane with 10 points, Trentin Casburn with 3 points, Kollin Kelsey with 2 points, and Taylor Woods with 2 points.

Scoring for the Rockets were:  Gehrig Jones with 7 points, Steven Haase with 7 points, Elliott Acree with 7 points, and Jesse Brogan with 4 points.

The Allendale Yellow Jackets are now 4-9 on the season and will take on Jasper tomorrow night at Cisne in the WEAA Conference Tournament at 7:15 pm.  JD Bowser  (Allendale) and Steven Haase (St. Mary's) will shoot in the 3-point competition prior to the game tomorrow night, as they finished first and second respectively tonight.