Runs Keep Coming As Golden Aces Defeat Lawrenceville

Lady Aces Bust Out The Bats In Win Against Lawrenceville

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/17/19
Mt. Carmel - 11
Lawrenceville - 5

Faith Fuller pitched a complete game and gave up 5 runs, 4 earned on 8 hits and struck out 6.

Avary Daum was 3-4 with a double, 2 RBI and scored a run.
Addie Drone was 3-4 and scored 3 runs.
Stormie Devine was 2-3 with 2 doubles, 3 RBI and scored 2 runs.
Maleah Armstrong was 1-1 with a walk and scored a run.
Kami Pearson was 1-3 with 3 RBI.
Sierra Hannah was 1-3.
Libby Schneider was 1-4 with a double and 2 RBI.
Olivia Stinson scores 2 runs.
Mackenzie Sisson scored a run.
Lexi Ballard scored a run.

JV won also won 9-4.

The Lady Aces are now 7-5 on the season.

Durham Throws 2-Hitter As Aces Blank Robinson

Logan Durham threw a gem on Tuesday for Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Varsity, allowing zero runs and besting Robinson by a score of 3-0

Lady Rockets Finish 2nd In 4-Way Meet

The St. Mary’s School Track team participated in a 4-team meet (Allendale, St. Mary’s, New Hope and Jasper-Geff) hosted by Allendale on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Girls claimed 2nd place with 81.5 points.

Girls Results:
1st Place-
Lily Keepes- 1600M- 6:46.05, 800M -3:03.34
Ava Harrington- 8th grade 100M- 14.35
JV 400 Relay- (Kali Walker, Ava Jent, Elizabeth Hefner, Madison Stevens) 1:05.28
1600 M Relay- (Natalee Hedge, Ava Jent, Madeleine Mann, Kali Walker) 5:54.67

2nd Place-
Ava Harrington- Hurdles- 19.83
Varsity 400M Relay- (Lily Keepes, Nora Jones, Sarah McCorkle, Ava Harrington) 59.98
Kali Walker- 1600M- 6:59.04
Varsity 800 Relay- (Anna Gill, Savannah Zimmerman, Lexi Stevens, Nora Jones) 2:39.35
Madison Stevens- 6th Grade 100M- 16.11
Sarah McCorkle- 7th Grade 100M- 13.98, 200M- 29.07
Nora Jones- 800M- 3:09.70

3rd Place-
Savannah Zimmerman- Discus- 59’11”
Sarah McCorkle- Long Jump- 13’5”
Nora Jones- High Jump- 4’2”

4th Place-
Lily Keepes- Hurdles- 21.78
Ava Jent- 6th Grade 100- 16.49
Ava Harrington- 200M- 30.33
Savannah Zimmerman- Shotput- 24’9”

5th Place-
Anna Gill- Shotput- 24’3.5”
Lexi Stevens- Discus- 52’7”
Madison Stevens- High Jump- 4’

Also, participating was Cortney Jones (Shotput- 14/3.5”), 1600M (8:08.28), 200M (40.40)

Boys Results:

William Freeland- Discus (40’10”), 100M (21.16), 200M (49.0)

The SMS Track Team will travel to Red Hill Jr. High School on Wednesday, April 17th for their next meet.

Pearson Twirls One-Hitter As Lady Aces Rout Grayville

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/16/19
Mt. Carmel - 11
Grayville - 1
Final in 5 innings.

Kami Pearson pitched a complete game 1 hitter and struck out 5. She gave up 1 run and it was unearned.

Libby Schneider was 2-2 with a double, 2 RBI, scored a run and was on base all 4 times.
Mackenzie Sisson was 1-2 with 2 walks and scored 2 runs.
Faith Fuller was 1-2 with a double and 1 RBI.
Sierra Hannah was 1-3 with a triple, 2 RBI and scored 2 runs.
Avary Daum was 1-3 with an RBI and scored 2 runs.
Lexi Ballard was on base all 3 times, had 1 RBI and scored a run.
Addie Drone was 1-2 with 2 RBI and scored a run.
Kami Pearson was on base 3 out of 4 times.
Stormie Devine had an RBI.
Olivia Stinson scored 2 runs.

Soccer Lady Aces Fall To Metro East Lutheran

Lady Aces Soccer Report From Coach Ed Berberich: The Lady Aces hosted Metro East Lutheran at a neutral site Saturday, losing a close match 2-1. Metro East scored the first goal in the 12th minute when a deflection on a Lady Aces clearance out of the box traveled backward and floated in just past goalkeeper Allison Thread’s fingertips. The game stayed at 0 - 1 until Maya Smith scored the equalizing goal in the 73rd minute, assisted by Haley Wright with a key pass from Ally Kendall starting the play. However, Metro would end up taking the win, scoring the final goal with just 3 minutes remaining to seal it. For the match, the Lady Aces took 12 shots with 9 on frame, created an additional 9 scoring chances, & took 3 corner kicks. Thread had 8 saves in goal. Metro East took 9 shots, with 7 on frame.

The girls played well enough to win this one, and shouldn’t feel bad about the end result. With the neutral field we located for this game, the playing surface wasn’t ideal for the way we want to play, but we did our best with what we had. In terms of games played, we’re still very early in our season, & that does make a difference in these matches against teams that have played so much more than we have to this point. In this case, this was Metro East’s 13th match, but the girls are playing hard through that and making improvements each time out. Something we need to work on is it took us a bit to match the intensity of the other team. It really wasn’t until the 2nd half that we started playing as aggressively as we want to as a team. We’ve still got a lot of other things to work on as well, but one thing we’re doing is we’re giving ourselves a lot of good scoring opportunities in these games so we’re pleased to see that this early. Our biggest challenge will be this upcoming stretch of the season. With only 3 games under our belts in this first month, we now face a 2 week stretch of 8 games, so our endurance will be tested. 

The Lady Aces are 0 - 3 so far on the season. Their next match will be at home at the WVC field at 4:30 pm against Salem.

Lady Aces Softball Drop Pair Of Games On Saturday

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/13/19
Game 1
Woodlawn - 8
Mt. Carmel - 5

Faith Fuller pitched 7 innings giving up 8 runs, 5 earned on 10 hits and struck out 3.

Stormie Devine was 2-4 with 2 doubles and scored a run. 
Kami Pearson was 2-4. 
Faith Fuller was 2-4 with an RBI and scored a run. 
Sierra Hannah was 2-4 with 3 run Homerun. 
Avary Daum was 2-3 with a double and scored a run. 
Libby Schneider was 2-4.
Lexi Ballard was 1-1.
Olivia Stinson was 1-3 with an RBI. 
Grace Adams scores a run. 

Game 2
Harrisburg - 12
Mt. Carmel - 2

Kami Pearson pitched 5 innings giving up 12 runs, all earned, on 12 hits. 

Olivia Stinson was 2-2 and scored a run. 
Maleah Armstrong was 2-2. 
Kami Pearson was 1-3 with an RBI. 
Sierra Hannah was 1-2
Grace Adams was 1-2 with an RBI. 
Faith Fuller was hit by pitch twice and scored a run.

Hamilton County Outslug Lady Aces

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/10/19
Hamilton County - 10
Mt. Carmel - 7

Kami Pearson pitched 5 innings and gave up 7 runs, 1 earned on 13 hits and struck out 1.
Faith Fuller pitched 2 innings and gave up 3 runs, 0 earned on 2 hits and struck out 1. 

Kami Pearson was 2-3 and scored a run.
Sierra Hannah was 2-4 with a double, 1 RBI and scored a run. 
Avary Daum was 2-2 and scored a run. 
Addie Drone was 2-3 with 2 RBI. 
Mackenzie Sisson was 1-3. 
Faith Fuller was 1-4 with an RBI and scored a run. 
Libby Schneider was 1-4 with an RBI and scored a run. 
Lexi Ballard was 1-4 with an RBI. 
Grace Adams scored a run.

Allendale Track Compete in 5-Way At Geff

On Thursday, April 11th, Yellow Jackets Track competed at Geff against Jasper-Geff, New Hope, Wayne City, and East Orchard.  Here are the results:


Boys results:


JV High Jump - Trent Casburn - 2nd place (4' 0")

JV Long Jump - Rhett Andrews (10' 2")

JV Shot Put - Chase Gher - 1st place (23' 10")

JV Shot Put - Roland Foster (16' 2")

Varsity Shot Put - JD Bowser - 5th place (31' 7.5")

Varsity Shot Put - Caleb Schneider (29' 2")

Varsity Shot Put - Wyatt Gher (28' 9")

JV Discus - Brendan Bowser (54' 1")

JV Discus - Roland Foster (50' 3.5")

JV Discus - Chase Gher (49' 4.5")

Varsity Discus - JD Bowser - 2nd place (98' 2.5")

Varsity Discus - Wyatt Gher (81' 9")

Varsity Discus - Caleb Schneider (74' 6.5")


JV Hurdles - Rhett Andrews - 5th place (22.5)

JV Hurdles - Alex McGinnis (23.96)

Varsity Hurdles - Trent Casburn - 2nd place (20.63)

Varsity 400m Relay - 3rd place (1:04.38)

Varsity 400m - Clay Morgan - 5th place (1:30.35)

JV 1600m - Kollin Kelsey - 2nd place (6:59.89)

JV 1600m - Alex McGinnis - 3rd place (7:09.39)

JV Boys 800m - Kollin Kelsey -5th place (3:17)

JV Boys 800m - Brendan Bowser (3:35.2)

5th Grade 200m - Rhett Andrews (39.93)

5th Grade 200m - Trenton Potts (46.81)

6th Grade 200m - 5th place - Chase Gher (46.82)

6th Grade 200m - Roland Foster (49.05)

6th Grade 200m - Mark Vaupel (50.90)

Varsity 200m - Clay Morgan (39.20)

5th grade 100m - Rhett Andrews (17.13)

5th grade 100m - Brendan Bowser (17.97)

5th grade 100m - Trenton Potts (21.38)

6th grade 100m - Kollin Kelsey (18.07)

6th grade 100m - Roland Foster (20.67)

6th grade 100m - Chase Gher (22.23)

7th grade 100m - Trent Casburn (16.16)

7th grade 100m - Clay Morgan (17.31)

8th grade 100m - JD Bowser (15.90)

8th grade 100m - Caleb Schneider (16.00)

8th grade 100m - Wyatt Gher (18.50)


Girls results:


JV Triple Jump - Lauren Fisher - 1st place (18' 5.5")

JV Long Jump - Chandler Cusick - 1st place (11' 9.25")

JV Long Jump - Lauren Fisher (9' 3.5")

JV Long Jump - Jordis Riley (9')

Varsity High Jump - Emma Baxley - 2nd place (4' 4")

Varsity Long Jump - Emma Baxley - 4th place (11' 2")

Varsity 400m Relay - 3rd place (1:07.12)

JV 400m - Isabella Monroy - 2nd place (1:30.63)

Varsity 400m - Chandler Cusick - 3rd place (1:22.38)

Varsity 400m - Jordis Riley (1:35.78)

5th grade 100m - Isabella Monroy - 2nd place (16.81)

7th grade 100m - Chandler Cusick - 3rd place (16.56)

7th grade 100m - Raven Adams (18.68)

7th grade 100m - Lauren Fisher (19.00)

8th grade 100m - Emma Baxley - 5th place (16.18)

Varsity 800m - Jordis Riley (3:57)

Varsity 200m - Jordis Riley (38.56)


Fuller and Lady Aces Blank Red Hill, 11-0

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/12/19
Mt. Carmel - 11
Red Hill - 0
5 innings

Faith Fuller pitched a complete game 2 hitter and struck out 1.

Sierra Hannah was 3-4 with 1 RBI and scored a run.
Stormie Devine was 2-4 with a double, 2 RBI and scored 2 runs.
Kami Pearson was 2-4 and scored a run.
Mackenzie Sisson was 1-3 with a double and scored a run.
Faith Fuller was 1-3 with a double, 2 RBI and scored 3 runs.
Avary Daum was 1-4 with 2 RBI.
Libby Schneider was 1-3 with an RBI and a stolen base.
Addie Drone was 1-2 with an RBI and scored a run.

The Lady Aces move to 5-3 on the year and their next game is this Saturday, April 13th in a double header in Harrisburg where they will play Woodlawn and Harrisburg.

Sydney Jones Signs WVC Archery Scholarship

Sydney Jones a senior at Mt. Carmel high school has signed with WVC on an Archery Scholarship. Sydney has 10 years of archery experience and has competed in Illinois S3DA competition for the past 4 years. She is the 2019 Illinois S3DA Indoor High School Female Open class champion, and also indoor shooter of the year champion for 2018 and 2019. Sydney has also been competing heavily in 2019 NFAA and ASA tournaments where she finished 3rd in the Midwest Open, 3rd place in the Hoosier 690, and a 4th place finish at the Hoyt/ASA Pro-Am in Foley AL. She is looking forward to WVC and competing at a collegiate level with the WVC archery team.

The signing ceremony took place Wednesday afternoon at WVC.

She is the daughter of Jerry and Robin Jones of Mt. Carmel

Left to right: Dr. Matt Fowler, Earl Lawrence, Sydney Jones, Robin Jones, Jerry Jones

Left to right: Dr. Matt Fowler, Earl Lawrence, Sydney Jones, Robin Jones, Jerry Jones

SMS Track Results At MCJHS Meet

The St. Mary’s School Track team consisting of 15 girls and 1 boy participated in a 4-team meet hosted by Mt. Carmel Jr High on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. The Girls’ Team placed 2nd overall.

Girls Results:
1st Place-
Kali Walker- 1600M (6:47.97)
Sarah McCorkle- 200M (29.71); Long Jump (13’9”)
Nora Jones- High Jump (4’4”)

2nd Place-
Sarah McCorkle- 7th grade 100M (14.13)
Lily Keepes- 800M (3:12.94)
Ava Harrington- Hurdles (20.28), 200M (30.25)
Savannah Zimmerman- Discus (58’9”)
Varsity 400 Relay (59.25)- Lily Keepes-Nora Jones-Sarah McCorkle-Ava Harrington

3rd Place-
Lily Keepes- Hurdles (20.78), 1600M (7:00.66)
Anna Gill- Shotput (24’1.5”)
6th grade 400M Relay (1:06.15)- Elizabeth Hefner-Ava Jent-Kali Walker-Madison Stevens
Varsity 800M Relay (2:28.85)- Anna Gill-Savannah Zimmerman-Lexi Stevens-Nora Jones
Varsity 1600M Relay (6:05.25)- Natalee Hedge-Ava Jent-Madeleine Mann-Kali Walker

4th Place-
Elizabeth Hefner- 400M (1:24.62)
Madison Stevens- 6th grade 100M (15.82)
Nora Jones- 800M (3:19.94)
Savannah Zimmerman- Shotput (23’4.5”)

Also, participating but not placing: Cortney Jones.

Boys Results:

William Freeland participated but did not place.


The 2019 All-Star games will be held at the Spencer Sports Center on the WVC Campus, on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14.

More than 100 Boys Basketball players, from the Tri-State area, will be competing in this prestigious event.

Saturday’s Junior High Games will showcase a number of local players, including Mt. Carmel products:  Owen Dougherty, Landon Johnson, Lane Toothman, Levi Beesley, Cole Broster, Gage Kennard, Quaid Kanipe, Andrew Militoni, and Eric Acree; Jarin Johnson/Albion; Branten Stockton and Ty’Zae Rowland/Grayville, as well as players from Allendale and Princeton.

Sunday’s High School Games will have over 40 participants, including WVC signee Austin Rager (21 ppg); 6’10 Army signee Matt Dove (Princeton-leading scorer for Princeton);  Stephen Wilkerson (15.6 ppg), Cade Schnicker and Justin Wallace/Edwards County;  DJ Redding/Evansville North;  Dawson White/Gibson Southern;  Chance Black/Robinson; Jai’Rus Bibb/Louisville Brown; Brent Hatten/Olney; Ahmad Moore/Louisville St. Francis. 

This event is open to the public.  Admission is $5.


Saturday, April 13

                                                Game 1                                 Jr. High Boys                      10:00 a.m.

                                                Game 2                                 Jr. High Boys                      11:30 a.m.

                                                Game 3                                 Jr. High Boys                         1:00 p.m.


Sunday, April 14

                                                Game 4                                 High School Boys             11:00 a.m.

                                                Game 5                                 High School Boys             12:30 p.m.





Fuller Twirls Two Hit Shutout As Lady Aces Rout Olney

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/9/19

Mt. Carmel - 7
Richland County (Olney) - 0

Faith Fuller pitched a complete game shutout. She gave up 2 hits and struck out 4.

Kami Pearson was 2-3 with an RBI.
Mackenzie Sisson was 1-2 with 2 walks, 1 run and stole a base.
Stormie Devine was 1-3 with a triple, 2 runs, and 2 RBI.
Faith Fuller was 1-3 with 2 RBI and scored 2 runs.
Sierra Hannah was 1-3 with a double and an RBI.
Lexi Ballard was 1-3 with a double and scored 2 runs.

The JV Aces won 20-3
Maleah Armstrong had 3 hits,
Olivia Stinson had 2 hits,
Grace Adams had 3 hits,
Alli Hedge had 2 hits,
Rachael Johnson had 1 hit,
Emma Keepes had 3 hits,
Morgan Meadows had 1 hit,
Lexi Lewis had 3 hits,
Bridget Jackson had 2 hits,
Jadin Beavers had 1 hit,
Avery Hayden had 1 hit.

The Lady Aces move to 4-2 on the year and play at home Wednesday, April 10th at 4:30 against Hamilton County.

Lady Aces Track Results At Olney

The Mt. Carmel Lady Aces competed yesterday in Olney.  First place finishers are as follows:

Haley Wright - High Jump (5'4") - Her personal best high jump!

Haley Wright - Triple Jump (30'4")  - Her personal best triple jump!

Taya York - Discus (97'7")

The Lady Aces also had numerous 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes.  The Lady Aces will be back in action on April 15th at home.  

Lady Aces Soccer Fall To Mt. Vernon

Lady Aces Soccer Report From Coach Ed Berberich:

The Lady Aces soccer team traveled to Mt. Vernon Saturday morning to play their 2nd match of the season, losing 2 - 8. Mt Vernon scored their first goal in the 11th minute, and the score remained 0 - 1 until a flurry of goals in the last 3 minutes of 1st half play left the Aces down 1 - 3 heading into the 2nd. Mt Vernon scored 2 quick goals, at the 38th and 39th minutes to take a 3 goal lead before the Aces responded right as the half ended when Maya Smith scored a goal on an assist from Rylie Webb. My Vernon added 5 goals in the 2nd half, while Webb would add a goal for the Aces to produce the final score. For the game, the Lady Aces took 16 shots, 10 on frame, created 15 additional scoring chances, and had 6 corner kicks. Mt Vernon took 13 shots, 10 on frame and had 4 corner kicks.

We were missing 11 players, & multiple starters, for this match so we needed the players who were there to step up and play well against a tough opponent, and they certainly did. It was a game of 2 half’s as we came out strong and pretty much dominated the run of play in the 1st half, but started wearing down towards the end of the 1st and through the 2nd, which is where Mt Vernon started to take charge. In that 1st half of strong play we outshot Mt Vernon 10-4, and the 10 we had were all good to great opportunities. They just did a better job of capitalizing on their chances so even though we feel we were the better team in that half, you wouldn’t have known it from looking at the scoreboard. This being their 9th game of the season and only our 2nd so far, & with us missing so many players, the conditioning difference isn’t a big surprise. We’ll need to continue working on that & on our finishing, but to get so many opportunities against a strong team is a really good sign of where we can get to if we keep improving. We’ve had so many girls playing hard in practice this whole season that I expect that we’ll continue to get that improvement. Our biggest obstacle will be the imbalance in our schedule, with almost all of our games taking place within a 2 - 3 week span. That’s a lot of soccer in a short timeframe so we’ll just have to do our best to battle through the fatigue that will doubtless be there. All in all, despite what the final score ended up being, us coaches were very pleased with what we saw.

The Lady Aces are now 0 - 2 on the season. Work is currently being done on adding a home game on Saturday April 13th against Metro East Lutheran-Edwardsville. If that doesn’t work out, the next match will be at home on Monday April 15th against Salem.

Early Lead For Golden Aces Sets Stage For Victory Over Carmi

Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Varsity jumped out to an early lead over Carmi-White County and took home a 10-4 victory on Saturday. Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Varsity scored on an error and a double by Adam Stoneberger in the second inning.

Lady Aces Fall To North Central

Mt. Carmel Softball 4/1/19
North Central - 11
Mt. Carmel - 1

Faith Fuller pitched 3 1/3 innings. She gave up 11 runs, 8 earned on 8 hits and 1 strikeout.
Kami Pearson pitched 2/3 of an inning and gave up 0 runs.

Mackenzie Sisson was 2-2 with a double and scored a run. She was on base all 3 times at the plate.
Stormie Devine was 1-2.
Kami Pearson was 1-3.
Sierra Hannah was 1-2.
Avary Daum was 1-2.
Faith Fuller had an RBI.

      Fairfield Captures Lead Early To Defeat Golden Aces


·         Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Varsity fell behind early and couldn't come back in an 8-1 loss to Fairfield on Thursday. Fairfield scored on a walk by Trent, a single by Taylor, a groundout by Honbs, and a single by Pruitt in the second inning.

·         Fairfield got things moving in the second inning, when Trent drew a walk, scoring one run.

·         Pruitt led the Fairfield to victory on the pitcher's mound. He surrendered one run on five hits over six innings, striking out six and walking one. Puckett threw one inning in relief out of the bullpen. Puckett recorded the last three outs to earn the save for Fairfield.

·         Cade Newkirk took the loss for Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Varsity. He went one inning, allowing four runs on zero hits and striking out three.

·         NewkirkAdam StonebergerConnor LaneRayce Loudermilk, and Aden Gill each collected one hit to lead Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Varsity.

·         Fairfield didn't commit a single error in the field. Garrett had the most chances in the field with seven.