City Council Hears 1st Reading Of Golf Cart/UTV Ordinance

Mt. Carmel City Commissioners continue to discuss the particulars of allowing golf carts and UTV’s to operate legally on city streets.

At their meeting Monday night, commissioners discussed which intersections the vehicles would be allowed to cross the state highways that run through Mt. Carmel. State law prohibits golf carts and UTV’s from operating on state highways so commissioners were trying to determine where they’ll be allowed to cross.

Street commissioner Tom Meeks suggested no limits be placed on the intersections, but that idea was quickly shot down. Mayor Joe Judge said he and police chief Ryan Turner had developed a list of the safest intersections to cross.

Commissioners are considering that list and will any make any additional recommendations at their next meeting on September 23rd. Monday’s discussion did constitute the first reading of the ordinance and it can be passed as early as the 23rd.