Shimkus Tours Champ In Albion & Hears Concerns Of Company Officials

When the US House reconvenes in two weeks, Congressman John Shimkus is hoping information he’s gathering during the August recess helps him have a stronger voice in Washington for those in his 15th district. Yesterday, Shimkus stopped at Champion Labs in Albion to tour the facility and find out what concerns company officials have. Champ employs 1,120 people in Albion, but plant leaders told Shimkus the facility usually has between 50 and 60 full time jobs it can’t fill. It’s a familiar problem Shimkus says he’s heard from other plants in his district he’s toured during the August recess. But, Shimkus says many of these jobs aren't traditional "factory work".

Suggestions to fill the open jobs yesterday centered on better job training and preparation at the high school and junior college levels. After touring the Champ facility, Shimkus traveled to Richland County to attend a legislative dinner hosted by the Wabash, Richland, and Edwards Counties Farm Bureaus.

PHOTOS: Congressman John Shimkus learns about the Champ product lines from company official Zed Moore.