2018 Wabash Ribberfest Results

Wabash Ribberfest 2018 Competition Results

“Smoke On The Wabash” Backyard Competition


Grand Champion - Smokin’ Wine-O’s

2nd Overall - Beer Bones BBQ

3rd Overall - Big Belly BBQ


1st Place - Smokin’ Wine-O’s

2nd Place - Chuck’s Darn Good Meat

3rd Place - Big Belly BBQ


1st Place - Smokin’ Wine-O’s

2nd Place - Safe Haven

3rd Place - Big Belly BBQ



1st Place - Beer Bones BBQ

2nd Place - Smoke Fire & Brew

3rd Place - Smokin’ Wino-O’s



Kiwanis Wabash Cannonball Downhill Derby:


Rookie of the Year – Elliot Acree

Captain Courageous – Grayson Tinsley

Engineering Award – Jathan Stiles

Most Creative Design – Tobias Fullop

People’s Choice – Jerry Prince

President’s Choice – Blake Strine

Team Spirit – Logan Karcher


Youth Division Champ – Tobias Fullop

Adult Division Champ – WGH – Nikki Woods


Grand Champion – Tobias Fullop





“Thunder On The Hilltop” Motorcycle Ride & Show


Benefit Ride:

Best Hand - Rick Simpkins

Worst Hand - Henry Jennings


Motorcycle Show:

Custom -

1st Place - Chance Castle

2nd Place - Tony Perrin

3rd Place - Tony Perrin


Stock -

1st Place - Boyd Shelton

2nd Place - Bill Lemon

3rd Place - Doug Seaton


Trike -

1st Place - Bill Mabry

2nd Place - Doug Hatchett

3rd Place - Tony Perrin


“Art At The Museum” Art Exhibit


BEST OF SHOW: Tara Thompson “I’m Tired” Charcoal & Pencil Drawing




People’s Choice Award: Lillian Gottman “Girl in the Rain” Acrylic Painting



* Daisy Daniel – “Dancing in the Rain” Richland County Middle School

* Jorri Van Dyke – “Teal Next Time” Richland County Elementary School

* Jason Lathrop – “Tucker Lives Here” Richland County Middle School


* Lillian Gottman – “Girl in the Rain” Mt. Carmel

* Mackenzie Thomas – “Find Your Voice – Say Cheese” Richland County Elementary School

* Trey Kuenhold – “Evan” ” Richland County Elementary School


* Zoey Kollak – “Playful Kitten” Richland County Elementary School

* Brantley Weiler – “Spikey” ” Richland County Elementary School



* Carly Houchin – “Oliver” ” Richland County Elementary School

* Kallie Kerr – “Pink and Purple Owl” ” Richland County Elementary School

* Makenzie Thomas – “Reese” ” Richland County Elementary School




People’s Choice Award: Jayla Schwarzlose “Laying in the Leaves” Pencil Drawing – Edwards County High School



* Allison Knackmuhs – “Self Portrait” Edwards County High School

* Frances Dimaranan – “Gandalf” Richland County High School

* Frances Dimaranan – “It’s Elementary” Richland County High School



* Brigette Bare – “Grandma’s Flower’s” Richland County High School

* Josiah Burckhartt – “Street Life at Night” Richland County High School

* Allison Knackmuhs – “Self-Portrait in Yellow” Edwards County High School



* Hannah Bahl – “Pink Bubbles” Richland County High School

* Maddie Mowrer – “Mermaid Tale” Richland County High School

* Thessa Piercefield – “Dots and Dashes” Richland County High School



* Tessa Hemrich “Orange Flower” Richland County High School

* Kaylee Hemrich – “Little Lady” - Richland County High School

* Tammy Patridge – “Memories” - Richland County High School



* Tara Thompson “Patriot Boots” – Collage - Edwards County High School

* Triston Mitchel “Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly Collage) - Richland County High School

* Jayla Schwarzlose “Respect” (Veteran Collage) - Edwards County High School


People’s Choice Award: Grace Yamato “Lincoln’s Cabin Window” Acrylic Painting



* Mari Yamato – “Blackberries” Watercolor painting - Olney

* Mari Yamato – “Garden Rose” Watercolor painting - Olney



* Grace Yamato – “Cherry Blossoms” – Olney

* Grace Yamato – “Lincoln’s Cabin Window” – Olney

* Norm Cline – “Stables at Ellis Park” – Mt. Carmel


* Bob Zasadny – “Not Fit for Human Consumption” – Oakland City

* Bob Zasadny – “Curvilinear” – Oakland City

* Bob Zasadny – “Golden Spires” – Oakland City


* Mari Yamato – “Raku Jar” - Olne

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