Lady Rockets Softball Falls At Lawrenceville

On Thursday August 29th the SMS/AJH Softball team traveled to Lawrenceville. The Lady Rockets dropped a well played game 2-1. The girls opened up the game with a score from Lyla Keepes after she was advanced by a bunt from Kali Walker and a left in-field hit from Nora Jones. Bella Andrews would hit up the third base line to allow Keepes to score. Andrews would go on to strike out one player in the bottom of the first. Nora Jones (C) would catch a foul ball and Hazel Earnest (RF) would catch a right field fly for the third out. (0-1) Bottom of the second, Jordis Riley would be hit by the pitcher for a base. Keepes hit a ball to the short stop and Riley was tagged out at second. Andrews started the second with two KOs before walking a player. A second base hit from the next batter was overthrown at first but the Lady Rockets stuck with the play and threw the runner out at home for a dramatic third out and kept Lawrenceville from scoring. (0-1). Top of the third came up flat for the Lady Rockets obtaining three quick outs. Back in the field, Andrews struck the first batter out and walked the second. The next batter was out with a solid catch from Walker (SS). A deep center field ball allowed a runner to score and a triple. Steady fielding from Walker to Lauren Fisher at first got the third out to keep the game tied (1-1). Top of the forth, Andrews hit a double but would be left on base after Madison Stevens was thrown out at first and two more strike outs. Andrews was responsible for 2 strike outs and a nice snagged ball hit right back to her in the forth. Ruby Newkirk started the 5th inning by being walked. Newkirk was tagged out at second after Keepes hit a ball to the short stop. Walker would foul tip and be out after the catcher tracked the ball. In a sensational double play the catcher threw Lyla keepes out at first before she could tag up. Bottom of the fifth, Andrews struck out the first batter and Fisher (1) got the second batter out tracking an in field pop fly. A nice double would send a Lawrenceville player in to home before Lyla Keepes (2) would catch the third out (2-1). Top of the sixth saw hot bats but great in-fielding by Lawrenceville denied the Lady Rockets any runs. Bottom of the sixth Andrews struck out one player, Fisher caught another, and player interference was responsible for a third out. Top of the seventh the Lady Rockets needed to score to keep the game alive. Chandler Cusick was up first to bat and took a ball in the ankle from a bunt. Staying tough she hit to second base but unfortunately was thrown out at first. Courtney Jones was walked followed by Elizabeth Hefner. Hefner was also thrown out at first. Lastly Keepes was up and again Lawrenceville in-fielding was solid, throwing her out at first to end the game. Also seeing playing time and an at bat was Breslin Ligon who played both CF and RF helping keep the ball in play and getting it to her cut off player. Coach Walker was pleased with the reduction in errors and the improvement at bats. The score board showed 2-1 but the girls should be extremely proud of playing an excellent ball game.--