Carpenter Announces Transfer From SEMO TO WVC

A press conference was held this morning to announce that former Mt. Carmel All-Stater Justin Carpenter is transferring from Southeast Missouri to Wabash Valley College. 

During the press conference, Carpenter said there were no issues at SEMO, just that WVC is a better fit...

Last year at Division I SEMO, Carpenter finished with these stats:

Games played: 30
Minutes/game: 21.4
Points/game: 8.5
FG Pct: 52.4
3FG Pct: 27.3
FT Pct: 67.1

Rebounds/game: 4.7
Assists/game: 0.7
Turnovers/game: 1.2
Assist/turnover ratio: 0.6
Steals/game: 0.4
Blocks/game: 0.4