Mt. Carmel Wins Allendale Volleyball Tournament

On Saturday, February 17th, the Yellow Jackets Volleyball Tournament was held at Allendale School.  In the A-team tournament, Mt. Carmel went 3-0 to claim 1st Place and Cisne finished 2-1 to achieve 2nd Place.  St. Mary's finished in 3rd Place, while Allendale finished in 4th Place.  The following are the game scores from the A-team tournament: 

Mt. Carmel defeated Allendale 15-6 and 15-10

Cisne defeated St. Mary’s 15-9 and 15-4

St. Mary’s defeated Allendale 10-15, 16-14, and 15-2

Mt. Carmel defeated Cisne 15-4 and 15-9

Mt. Carmel defeated St. Mary’s 15-2 and 15-9

Cisne defeated Allendale 15-8 and 15-10