Allendale-Cisne Basketball Recap

On Thursday, December 6th, the Allendale Yellow Jackets hosted Cisne in WEAA Conference action.  In the C-game, the Yellow Jackets fell in defeat 23-22, as Cisne made a freethrow with 6 seconds remaining in the game.  The C-team is now 4-2 on the season.

In the B-game, Allendale defeated Cisne by the score of 25-19.  Scoring for the Yellow Jackets was:  Carlos Monroy with 10 points, Kollin Kelsey with 6 points, Trent Casburn with 4 points, Matt Jackson with 3 points, and Chandler Cusick with 2 points.  The B-team is now 6-1 on the season.

In the A-game, Cisne defeated the Yellow Jackets by the score of 45-27.  Scoring for Allendale was:  JD Bowser with 9 points, Trent Casburn with 8 points, Kollin Kelsey with 8 points, and Matt Jackson with 2 points.  The A-team is now 3-5 on the season.

Next up for the Yellow Jackets:  at Jasper on Monday, December 10th.  C-game will begin at 5:15 pm.