SMS-Grayville Basketball Recap

On Monday October 29 2018 , the St. Mary’s Boys basketball teams were back in action at home against Grayville . In the 7th grade game St. Mary Rockets lost to Grayville 45 to 29 to bring the Rockets record to 1-1. St. Mary’s trailed Grayville 12 -10 after the first quarter;24 to 14 at halftime;34-25 at the end of the third quarter. St.Marys was outscored by Grayville 21-15 after halftime to lose their first game. Preston Will scored 18 points to lead the Rockets, Reed Stinson added 5 points, Eric Acree 3 points, Elliot Acree 2 points, Kason Dulgar 1 point. Also seeing playing time were , Blake Strine, Brady Porter, Zadok Fullop. Grayville was led in scoring by Z. Leavens with 12 points.

In the fifth grade game St. Mary’s defeated Grayville 30-18 . Elliot Acree led St. Mary’s in scoring with 24 points. Kasen Dulgar added 4 points; Blake Strine 2 points. Also seeing playing time were Brady Porter, Zadok Fullop, John Hefner, Finn Martin, Tim Harness and William Freeland.

St. Mary’s Boys Basketball will be back in action on Monday, November 5 2018, at St. Mary’s in Mt. Carmel. There will be a 7th grade game at 6:00 pm.

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