SMS Girls Rout Cisne

On Tuesday, November 21st, the St. Mary’s Lady Rockets traveled to Cisne to take on the Lady Bullets. In the 8th grade game, St. Mary’s defeated Cisne, 32 - 8. St. Mary’s led 16 - 0 at the end of the first quarter; 21 - 4 at halftime; and 28 - 8 at the end of the third quarter. Olivia Stinson scored 10 points to lead St. Mary’s in scoring. Savannah Zimmerman added 9 points, Mady Young 5 points, Maleah Armstrong 2 points, Emma Keepes 2 points, Lauren Hall 2 points, Eden Wankel 1 point, and Lindy Rafferty 1 point. Hedrick and Beckel scored 4 points each for Cisne.

St. Mary’s defeated Cisne in the 7th grade game, 20 - 2. The Lady Rockets led 6 - 0 at the end of the first quarter; 12 - 0 at halftime; and 18 - 2 at the end of the third quarter. Eden Wankel and Lexi Stevens led St. Mary’s in scoring with 5 points each. Lauren Hall scored 4 points, Nora Jones 4 points, and Sarah McCorkle 2 points. Also seeing playing time were Anna Gill, Lindy Rafferty, Olivia Trimble, Nevada Brown, Lily Keepes, Kali Walker, Madison Stevens, and Ava Turner. Churchill scored 2 points for the Lady Bullets.

St. Mary’s will be at Olney St. Joe on Wednesday, November 29th, with the 7th grade game beginning at 6:00 pm, 8th grade game to follow.