Righter opposes $3.4 billion tax increase offered by Democrats

Springfield, IL—On March 7, the Pritzker Administration released figures for a controversial progressive income tax overhaul of Illinois’ current flat income tax structure.

According to the Governor’s own reports, such a tax structure would result in a $3.4 billion tax increase on Illinois’ taxpayers.

State Senator Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) stands opposed to the Governor’s proposal, issuing the following statement:

“State and federal government leaders for years have promised our taxpayers that increasing taxes, increasing spending and increasing borrowing will somehow make things better. We know that not to be true. That kind of shortsighted thinking doesn’t fix problems—it feeds fiscal irresponsibility,” said Righter. “This will be the third time in eight years that Springfield lawmakers will have raised taxes on Illinois families and businesses. That alone is evidence that this so-called solution is not the answer.”