Mt. Carmel Man Jailed For Allegedly Starving Dog To Death

A 28 year old Wabash County man remains in the Wabash County Jail after being charged with a Class 4 felony of aggravated cruelty after allegedly starving a dog to death.

Thomas Arender is accused of depriving adequate veterinary care and humane treatment to the pit bull. The dog was first taken to the Wabash County Animal Shelter by a family member of Arender’s. Zeus was then taken for veterinary care but was too malnourished to survive and died a day and a half later.

Arender was charged by state’s attorney Cassandra Goldman on March 4th and the warrant was served this past Monday. Arender appeared in court on Tuesday for his first advisement where he was advised of the charges and a had a preliminary hearing set for April 9th.

Arender remains held on $10,000 bond. If released, a condition of Arender’s bond is that he surrender any pets and not be in charge of the care of any pets.