Albion City Council Votes To Pull Out Of Regional Water Commission

The Wabash Valley Regional Water Commission appears to be dead after the Albion City Council voted 4-2 to pull out of the group. The water commission was formed two years ago to explore the possibility of a regional water facility for Mt. Carmel, Albion, Grayville, and Keensburg. While seemingly on board with the proposal until recently, Albion officials have expressed concerns about paying for a regional plant that they felt would benefit other communities more than theirs. Water Commission Chairman Justin Dulgar, who is also Mt. Carmel’s water commissioner, told WSJD that while not official, he felt Albion’s decision Monday night would cause the regional commission’s demise. Dulgar said he was "very disappointed" in the Albion City Council’s decision, but that other options would now be explored for the future of Mt. Carmel's water supply. He said grants may be available to help offset the cost of a building a new $8 million water plant in Mt. Carmel, if the city council chooses to pursue that option. The water commission is scheduled to meet next month and Dulgar said he was unsure if that meeting would be held to officially disband the commission or other avenues may be pursued.

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