Council Appears Lukewarm On County Proposal For Animal Control Officer

A proposal to have the city of Mt. Carmel pay an additional $4,000 a year to help offset the cost of animal control services has received a less than lukewarm response. Recently, Wabash County Commissioner Rob Dean complained the county was losing money on the animal control officer’s position and the fact that half or more of  the calls come from Mt. Carmel.

Dean met with city finance commissioner Joe Judge, and animal control officer Sam Osmon to see what assistance from the city might be available.

At last night’s city council meeting, Judge said Dean wants the city to pay an extra $4,000 a year on the top of the $6,000 the city already gives to the county each year for the animal control services. Meanwhile other communities in the county; Allendale, Keensburg, and Bellmont; contribute nothing to the county for the services. City Commissioner Eric Ikemire said city residents already are paying for the services from the county……


The city council decided to table the matter and gather more information before making a decision. Judge said a decision needs to be made since the city’s new budget would take effect May 1st and any additional expenditure would need to be included in the new budget.