Two Grayville Residents Arrested After Playing Music Loudly Behind MCPD

On Sunday, Mount Carmel Police arrested Skyler N. Johnston, age 24, and Seth U. Perry, age 31, both of Grayville, IL for Possession of Methamphetamine.  Johnston was also charged with Driving While License Suspended and Perry for a Wabash County Failure to Appear Warrant. 

The arrests stem from officers checking on a vehicle parked behind the police department playing loud music.  The arresting officer made contact to find out why the subjects were parked in the rear parking area of the police department playing music excessively loud. 

The subjects stated they were waiting on a friend who was visiting an inmate in the Wabash County Jail.  While doing so the officer discovered one of the subjects in the vehicle, a white Chevy Impala, had a warrant for his arrest (Perry).  Perry was placed under arrest at this time.

  The officer then checked the seating area where Perry was located and found a container of suspected methamphetamine.  By this time the subject at the jail had finished her visit and exited.  Contact was made with her and she was identified as Skyler Johnston.  Johnston was found to have a suspended license and admitted she drove to the jail after being questioned.  Johnston was placed under arrest and taken to the jail at this time. 

At the jail Johnston was found to have a bag of suspected methamphetamine on her person as well.  Both were charged with the above stated offenses and were held pending a bond setting by a judge.