Allendale AR Award Winners

This past Friday, Allendale School rewarded any student who had accumulated at least 50 Accelerated Reading points during the first semester with a movie and popcorn party.  There were 57 students in 1st through 8th grade to achieve this goal and 18 of those had more than 100 points.  In fact, the top three totaled the following amount of points:  JD Bowser (254), Braden Weir (248), and Mark Vaupel (193).  Those students accumulating over 100 points were put into a drawing for a chance to win $20.  We had two winners in the elementary grades and two winners in the junior high.  The elementary winners were:  Isabella Monroy and Michael Smith.  The junior high winners were:  Katie Jackson and Holly Lofton.  The following is the list of students who earned at least 50 AR points in the first semester:

1st Grade:  Ryland Houchin, Jackson Cusick, Jaxon Morris.

2nd Grade:  Conner McGinnis, Tiffany Smith Terry, Joel Schneider, Emma Ford, Stetson Potts.

3rd Grade:  Isaiah Courter, Levi Potts, Jason Ford, Ava Bates, Landon Wilford, Lucas Isaac, Michael Medler, Riley Hershey, Kaden Sharp, Jax Gher, Hayden Hendrix, Preston Perry.

4th Grade:  Olivia Smith, Ashleigh McGinnis, Isabella Monroy, Michael Smith, Brendan Bowser, Tristan Bray, Cameron Kolb, Abbey Westlake.

5th Grade:  Mark Vaupel, Avery Swift, Hallie Courter, Roland Foster, Alex McGinnis, Kenadie Homan.

6th Grade:  Matthew Jackson, Cydnie Lawrence, Lauren Fisher, Holly Doerr, Raven Adams, Carlos Monroy, Chandler Cusick, Jordis Riley.

7th Grade:  JD Bowser, Konner Kelsey, Trenton Hulfachor, Sam Medler, Caleb Schneider, Josey McCowen.

8th Grade:  Braden Weir, Holly Lofton, Katie Jackson, Lexi Fisher, Tristian Abell, Alexandria Isaac, Madison Adams, Joleigh Keeling, Kinze Cusick.

Congratulations to all of these students.  We will have another reward party at the end of the year for obtaining 50 points in the Spring semester, so hopefully we keep all of these names on the list and add even more.