Senior Center Cuts Still Looming Despite Partial Payment From State

It’s not exactly a reprieve from the Governor, but the Wabash County Senior Citizens Center and other senior centers around the state have received some much-needed funding. At last night’s Mt. Carmel City Council meeting, senior citizens and finance commissioner Joe Judge said the city recently received a payment from the state to catch up on what hadn’t been paid from fiscal year ’17. But, Judge said the state still owes the local center almost $21,500 from the current fiscal year and that total will increase by another $5,333 if no payment comes this way in the next 10 days. Previously, Judge said if no money was received, the senior center was looking at curtailing services at the end of this month. But now, Judge says the money has bought some time, if even just a little….


At a meeting last month, Judge said senior centers all around Illinois are suffering because of the financial crisis in Springfield.

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