Mount Carmel CEO Program Accepting Applications for Young Entrepreneurs

The Mount Carmel CEO Program is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program.  Information about this exciting opportunity is presented below.


CEO is hard to explain.  It’s not regular school at all.  Participants get to own their own work and behavior, and everything they do is designed to connect with the real world.

·         CEO is funded by investors, not schools or students.

·         CEO always meets in a business, never in a school.

·         CEO students visit dozens of area businesses.

·         CEO students learn from dozens of guest speakers.

·         CEO students run a class business together.

·         CEO students start and run their own business.

The Mount Carmel CEO Program - partnering with the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship- is more than an entrepreneurship course. It’s a unique learning opportunity that allow students to participate in real life experiences.  The Program is open to high school juniors, seniors, and first-year Wabash Valley College students; and draws from Mount Carmel High School, Edwards County High School, and Grayville High School.  Homeschool students are also encouraged to apply.

CEO exposes students to business practices, connects them with leaders in their community, and allows them to practice communication, problem solving, and networking in a variety of settings. Ultimately, it guides each team member through starting and running their own functioning business, cultivates essential communication skills, and develops an expansive, long-lasting network of community members and business owners.


Students interested in CEO need to have a good work ethic and be trustworthy.  The application process involves writing a letter about yourself and your interest in CEO, and asking three people to fill out recommendation forms for you.  Your name will be will be taken off the application and a committee of people will look at the applications to select the students who will get into the program.  Did you notice that GPA is not part of the process?

For students who are interested in applying, the application deadline is Wednesday, February 7, 2018.  Application packets are available from the Guidance Departments of the three participating schools or from CEO Administrative Assistant, Cathy Goldman (email: or call:  618-262-5433).

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