Snowstorms Keep City Workers Busy

With Mt. Carmel seeing its’ first two measurable snowstorms of the season in the last 4 days, the city council last night spent a good part of the meeting issuing reminders and thank you’s. Street Commissioner Eric Ikemire said his crews were hampered by malfunctioning equipment used to clear streets on Friday, but he said they worked through the issues to clear streets….


With yesterday’s new snowfall and temperatures today in the mid-teens and wind chills below zero, Mayor Bill Hudson says you should do the neighborly thing…

City Clerk Rudy Witsman said Republic Services is hoping to be able to pick up trash in Mt. Carmel today after cancelling yesterday because of the snow. He urged residents to put their trash out the night before pickup since crews will be working to make up for lost time. The good news is we’ll get back above freezing on Thursday and into the 50’s this weekend to hopefully make this winter wonderland a distant memory.