Gingerbread House Winners Announced

The 2017 Gingerbread House competition saw the greatest number of entrees ever - 43! Judging took place prior to the Christmas Uptown event, and all entries could be seen at the Wabash County Museum. The People’s Choice winner was determined by the dollars placed in containers next to each entry, and over $175 was collected. Those donations will be used by Operation Share for this year’s Christmas phase.

People’s Choice – Alexis Ellis

Ages up to 5

1st Morrison Taylor

2nd Matthew Askren

3rd Grady Keepes

Ages 6 – 9

1st Chandler Kleinschmidt

2nd Ava Sharp

3rd Lyla Keepes

Ages 10-13

1st Caleb Carwile

2nd Tiffany Leffler

3rd Bryce Lane

Ages 14-17

1st Katie Askren

2nd Kalie Askren

3rd Brett Carwile

Ages 18 & up

1st Candy Askren

2nd Traci Kennard

3rd Stephanie Patton