Gospel Kingdom Welcomes 650 Youth To Mt. Carmel This Week

More than 600 youth from around the United States and other countries are in Mt. Carmel this week for the 29th annual youth convention being hosted by Gospel Kingdom Church. Brother John Peach said many churches cater to younger people during the summer with church camps and other gatherings, but very few offer anything at other times of the year such as Christmas breakā€¦.

Peach said the youth convention began when Gospel Kingdom was located at 5th and Cherry Streets and the event caused a lot of traffic headaches in that part of town. He said this year marks the 20th year the convention has been held at the outer West 3rd Street location. Peach said the convention is geared toward 13 to 30 year olds and has been going on so long that some past attendees now bring their grandchildren to Mt. Carmel. The convention meets on the same schedule every year starting at noon on the 27th and ending at 2pm on the 29th to allow everyone to make it home in time to celebrate the new year.

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