Allendale Cheerleaders Pink Out Donation to WGH Oncology Department

At the Allendale School Christmas Program, April Fisher and the Allendale Yellow Jackets Cheerleaders presented the Wabash General Hospital Oncology Department with a check for $1,600.  The Yellow Jackets Cheerleaders organized a Pink Out Night at a recent home game, which included a cake raffle.  They also had sponsors for the pink t-shirts and other donations, as well as a homeroom contest collecting money.  The students of Allendale School brought in $416 of change and cash, with the 7th grade winning the contest for the most brought in by a homeroom.  Very proud of the awesome response to such a worthy cause by the Allendale School Community.  

Pictured:  Alexandria Isaac, Kinze Cusick, April Fisher (Cheer Coach), Shawn Campbell (WGH Oncology Department), Lexi Fisher, Lauren Fisher, Katie Jackson, and Bob Bowser (Superintendent).