Man and Boat Missing After Boating Accident at Newburgh Dam

Indiana Conservation Officers are investigating a boating accident that resulted in the rescue of an Owensboro KY man and the disappearance of a second Owensboro KY man.

The boat they were in was pulled into the Newburgh Dam by water current, after the motor of their boat failed to start.  Before the boat submerged, one of the individuals was able to put on a lifejacket and then climb onto a ledge of the dam. 

Officers from the Newburgh Police Department and members of the Yankeetown and Newburgh Fire Departments were able to rescue the man by lowering a rope to him and pulling him to safety. 

The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 pm on today’s date at the Newburgh Lock and Dam on the Ohio River.

Responding agencies included the Warrick County Sheriffs Department, Newburgh Police, Newburgh Fire Department, Henderson City/County Rescue, Henderson City Fire and Indiana Conservation Officers.  

Rescue crews are still searching for the missing boat and boater.  The names of the men are not yet being released.  Updates will come as new information arises.