Two Arrests Made In Friday Drug Overdose

On March 2, 2018, the Mt. Carmel Police were notified of a 17 year old female that was being treated for a possible drug overdose.  During the course of the investigation it was discovered that the female may have taken a narcotic in a form similar to “gummy bear” candy.  Police continued their investigation and were able to locate the person who is said to have provided the 17 year old female with the “gummy”.  That individual was a 16 year old juvenile who was also being treated for ingesting the “gummy” candy.  The 16 year old was charged with possession of a controlled substance and released to his guardian. 

A second arrest was made in relationship to this investigation.  Police arrested 18 year old Jacob E. Molstad of Mt. Carmel after he was stopped by police in the area of 9th and Market Street in Mt. Carmel.  Police located prescription pills in the vehicle and placed him under arrest.  Molstad was transported to the Wabash County Jail where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance while on school grounds.  Molstad is being held in the Wabash County Jail pending the setting of bond. 

Detective Sgt. Ryan Turner said, " (The) attached (photo)  will (show) the actual “gummies” that were confiscated. The gummies will be sent to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for analysis.  Only then will we know what chemical and narcotic compounds were used to make this drug.  At this time we have no reason to believe this is the drug commonly referred to as FLAKKA as reported in social media. Further testing is needed to confirm the actual drug used in making these gummies. This investigation is ongoing and more arrests could be made." 

Turner continued, "The Mt. Carmel Police Department takes these complaints serious as does District #348.  We encourage parents to look through their student’s book bags, phones, and tablets.  The Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to parents but it does apply to the police.  Also, if a student has a tip on narcotics or any other illegal activities at the Mt. Carmel High School please text the tip line at 262-237-8472.  Individuals can also call CRIMESTOPPERS at 262-HALT."