Mt. Carmel Teen Arrested For Assault & Underage Drinking

On 6/23/19 Mt. Carmel Police arrested Eric M. Sadler, age 19, of Mt. Carmel, for Assault and Illegal Consumption of Alcohol by Minor following a dispute at a residence in the 200 block of McDowell Street. Once officers arrivedthey found the Sadler had threatened a juvenile subject with a knife at the home. Sadler was located later into the night where he was placed under arrest and transported to the Wabash County Jail. Sadler is being held pending the posting of bond.

Mt. Carmel Man Arrested For Resisting/Obstructing Police

On 6/23/19 Mt. Carmel Police arrested Clyde E. Bartley, age 30, of Mt. Carmel, for Resisting/Obstructing a Peace Officer. Officers were called to a residence in the 800 block of West 6th Street in reference to an unwanted person. Before officers could arrive a dispute occurred between the home owner and the unwanted subject Clyde Bartley. Once officers arrived on scene they spoke to both parties. Bartley became loud and unruly during thistime which resulted in officers requesting he quiet down or face arrest. Bartley elected to place himself in a nearby squad car. When officers ordered Bartley out of the vehicle (Bartley was not under arrest at this time nor in handcuffs) he lunged towards the officers. Bartley was then placed under arrest and transported to the Wabash County Jail. Bartley was later charged and held pending the posting of bond. Mt. Carmel Police were assisted by the Wabash County Sheriff's Office.

Woman Jailed On Domestic Battery Charge

On 6/23/19 Mt. Carmel Police arrested Mary E. Birkla, age 50, of Mt. Carmel, for Domestic Battery following a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of West 6th.Street in reference to a domestic. Once officers arrived on scene they found the boyfriend had a significant ear injury from Birkla, who had allegedly bit the boyfriend’s ear. After completing their investigation officers placed Birkla under arrest. Herboyfriend later sought treatment at a local hospital. Birkla was transported to the Wabash County Jail where she was charged and held pending a bond setting by a judge. Mt. Carmel Police were assisted by the Wabash County Sheriff's Office.

MCPD Investigating Numerous Vehicle Breakins

From MCPD Police Chief Ryan Turner; The Mt. Carmel Police Department has been responding to numerous vehicle break-ins throughout the City. Police have taken reports of purses, money, medicine, rings, debit & credit cards from vehicles. Thousands of dollars have been reported stolen from the vehicles. The suspect(s) have also entered garages in order to gain access to individuals vehicles. The suspect(s) have hit all areas of town and most of the subdivisions.

Once again we are encouraging people to not leave valuables in their vehicle, lock your doors and call the Mt. Carmel Police if you hear or see something suspicious. 

Terry Bruce Attends Last Meeting As IECC CEO

Terry Bruce is retiring June 30th as CEO of the Illinois Eastern Community College #529 District and Tuesday night he attended his last Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting was held at Wabash Valley College and before the meeting, Bruce visited with us about his long career of public service…

Mt. Carmel’s Dr. G. Andrew Fischer is the Chairman of the Board of IECC and he talked with WSJD about Bruce’s contributions to the District and the plans to find his successor….

Marilyn Holt will succeed Bruce on an interim basis.

Here’s the press release from the IECC on action taken at Tuesday’s meeting at WVC:

IECC Board of Trustees members expressed appreciation to Terry L. Bruce who was recognized for more than twenty-three years of outstanding leadership when the Board met in  regular session on Tuesday, June 18th at Wabash Valley College. 

 As a part of IECC’s commitment to provide a safe and crime free college environment, and in accordance with the Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008, the Board approved the Violence Prevention Plan and Emergency Response Plans for each college. These plans outline violence prevention strategies and outlines the protocol for response should a violent act occur.

             Lease agreements were renewed for off campus locations where IECC programs are offered. 

             Two policies concerning student services were approved with revisions to better serve students and to ensure compliance with federal guidelines.

 The Board approved a one year renewal of the District’s Property, Casualty, and Liability Insurance coverage.

             Approval was given for the sale of District owned property located near Olney Central College to Richland Memorial Hospital. 

             The Technology Plan for FY2020-2022 was approved.  The three year plan is grouped into the categories of administrative systems, academic technology, and technology infrastructure.  Budget expenditures for these updates were approved of $575,000 each fiscal year. 

             An agreement with Wabash Telephone Cooperative was approved for placement of an outside antenna structure for use of space inside the LTC Telecommunications Building.  This agreement and will add additional learning opportunities to the program. 

             The updated Distance Delivery Education Plan was approved.  The revisions to support and promote district-wide distance delivery opportunities were made in response to the needs of the students and communities IECC serves. 

             The uniform fee for the FCC Automotive Technology program students was revised to state that students will now pay only the actual cost of the purchase of uniforms.

                       The District’s Resource Allocation and Management Plan has been developed to target necessary improvements to restrooms located at the District campuses by renovating existing restroom space to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The cost of these renovations is estimated to be $5,390,800.  Projects previously listed are:

             1.   Frontier Community College – Student Education and Support Center:  $2,642,900

            2.   Lincoln Trail College – Center for Technology:  $8,370,000

            3.   Olney Central College – Applied Technology Center:  $2,307,300

            2.   Wabash Valley College – Student Support Expansion:  $4,460,000

             An affiliation agreement was approved for Lincoln Trail College’s Pharmacy Technician  Program with CVS Pharmacy located in Lawrenceville.  

             A resolution was adopted authorizing the permanent transfer of approximately $124,000 in interest earned in the Working Cash Fund to the General Fund.

            A resolution was adopted authorizing inter-fund loans during the 2020 fiscal year, with the loans to be repaid to the original fund within one year.

             A public hearing on the community college district budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019, was set for Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at the hour of 7:00 p.m., at Olney Central College, Olney, Illinois.  The tentative budget will be available for public inspection at the District Business Office, 233 East Chestnut Street, Olney, on or after Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

               A resolution was adopted to authorize certain expenditures from the Operations and Maintenance Fund, such as custodial salaries and utility bills.     

              Trustees conducted a semi-annual review of closed session minutes.  Under the Open Meetings Act, the board is required to examine closed session minutes at least twice a year. 

             Chelsea Gemeinhardt was employed as a Chemistry Instructor located at Wabash Valley College, effective August 8, 2019, William Jankousky was employed as a Workforce Education Instructor effective July 1, 2019, and Stuart Balding was employed as a custodian at Wabash Valley College effective June 19, 2019.

  A change in status was approved for two current IECC employees.  Angelique Maguire,

from Coordinator, Transition Services at FCC to Director of Adult Education at FCC effective July 1, 2019 and Hayden McDuffee from Coordinator, Literacy Development at FCC to Coordinator, Transition Services at FCC effective July 1, 2019.

               Special Assignments were approved for fiscal year 2020 for all four colleges and the District Office.   

          The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, July 16, 2018 at 7:00

p.m. at Frontier Community College in Fairfield.





Allendale School Board Notes

At the June 2019 Allendale School Board meeting held at the main office of Allendale School, the board:

Adopted the 2018-19 amended budget. It shows a budget with operating funds revenue of $1,521,373 and operating funds expenditures of $1,375,542.

Employed Mr. Terry Harper to conduct the 2018-19 school audit.

Appointed Superintendent Bowser as the district Authorized IMRF Agent for the 2019-20 school year.

Approved a Risk Management Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Adopted the Prevailing Wage Act Resolution for 2019-2020.

Adopted the Student Handbook, Student Conduct Code, and Internet/Computer Network Usage documents for 2019-2020.

Employed Mr. Britt Shepherd as the district bookkeeper for the 2018-19 school year.

Approved the Board President and Superintendent to sign loan papers with Allendale First National Bank for the purchase of two school buses.

Approved the 2019-2020 Consolidated District Plan.

Amended the 2019-2020 School Calendar to add two School Improvement Days.

Approved a proposal from Security Alarm in Salem, Illinois to install a new door security system throughout the buildi